Rita Hage’s experience with children and adolescents psychology spans more than five years. Currently, Ms. Hage is a third year Psy.D. student in the Psycholody Department at Antioch University New England. Her doctoral research investigates the effects of societal pressures on the development of eating disorders among women. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of children and adolescents, media influence, eating disorders, gender, and culture theories. During her doctoral journey, Ms. Hage has gained expertise in clinical psychology at the Walker Special Education School, Needham, Massachusetts (Third Year Practicum) and the Brown Center for Children and Families affiliated with Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (Second Year Practicum).

Ms. Hage holds an M.A. degree in Media Studies (American University of Beirut) and a B.A. in Psychology (University of California, Los Angeles).